24th Annual Festival

Sep. 29 – Oct. 2, 2016

The 24th Annual PLAFF

SAVE THE DATES | SEP 29 – OCT 2, 2016

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GRACIAS a todos por su apoyo en hacer PLAFF 2015 un gran éxito. |
THANK YOU to everyone for your support in making PLAFF 2015 a great success.


Films from

PLAFF 2015




Finding Gaston | Peru
(78 min)

There are many great chefs around the world. Only one is considered to be a national hero. Meet chef Gaston Acurio and follow him in a journey to find out the stories, the inspirations, and the dreams behind the man. He has taken his native cuisine outside the kitchen in a mission to change his country. Let this journey take you into the world of Peruvian cuisine to discover the power of food and the dedication to it.


Ixcanul | Guatemala
(100 min)

María, a 17 year old mayan girl, lives on the slope of an active volcano in Guatemala. An arranged marriage awaits her. Although María dreams of seeing the “big city," her condition as an indigenous woman does not permit her to manage her own destiny. Later on, a complication forces her to go into the modern world, where her life will be saved, but at a very high cost. “Ixcanul” just won the Golden Bear at the 2015 Berlinale in Germany. It is the only Latin film which has been accepted for competition at the 2016 Oscars. PLAFF is the only venue in all of New England where you’ll get to see this unforgettable film.


Dad’s Picture | Puerto Rico
(10 min)

Margarita lives in love with Mateo, her first love and only boyfriend, who disappeared when they were both 18. Forty-five years later, Mateo appears at Margarita’s door step with an old photo and looking for the love of his life.


Mr. Kaplan | Argentina
(98 min)

After fleeing Europe for Uruguay during WWII, Jacob Kaplan built a quiet life. Now 76, he begins to question his worth. After learning of a mysterious German prowling the shores of a nearby beach, he becomes convinced that he has found a Nazi in hiding and plans to expose him. Expertly distilling a potent mixture of emotional depth and deadpan comedy, Mr. Kaplan is a vivacious meditation on family, aging, and the drive for significance.


All of Me | Mexico
(90 min)

An intimate insight into the Patronas, a group of Mexican women, who every day make food and toss it still warm to the migrants who travel atop the freight train as it makes it’s way to the U.S.


Marshland | Spain
(105 min)

In the MARSHLAND a serial killer is on the loose. Two homicide detectives who appear to be worlds apart must settle their differences and bring the murderer to justice before more young women lose their lives. An edge of your seat thriller which has won numerous awards around the world.


7 Boxes | Paraguay
(105 min)

Víctor receives an unusual proposal, to carry 7 boxes of unknown content through the Market Number 4 but things get complicated along the way.


The Body | Spain
(110 min)

“El Cuerpo” brings a tantalizing mix of classic film noir, blood-chilling horror and high suspense. The film follows a worn out veteran police detective as he begins an investigation of a mysterious break-in at the city morgue. The accidental hit-and-run of a guard, and searches for a corpse that has gone missing one dark and stormy night, sets this thrilling film. Why has the corpse disappeared? Was the woman, a femme fatale, murdered? Was her distraught husband behind it at all? Or is there some other sinister plot behind the disappearance of the body?


Viva Zapata! | USA
(113 min)

The story of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, who led a rebellion against the corrupt, oppressive dictatorship of president Porfirio Diaz in the early 20th century. Anthony Quinn won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor; the first Latino to win such award.



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